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Revolutionize Staffing with AI

Select Right Candidates Among 100's of CV at Click of a Button 

Using Contextual-AI Powered Screenings & Interview Bot.

Staffing Agency | Cost Savings- Save billable time of Interviewer and resources cost

Contextually screen bulk CV's, assess aptitude and shortlist candidates


No more manual sifting through countless resumes. Intrvuz saves you time, allowing you to focus on what truly matters – connecting top talent with the right opportunities. Our platform excels in matching CVs to job requirements with precision of Generative AI


Tap into the power of candidate referrals and receive profiles that match your clients' needs. It's a win-win – your network helps you discover skilled candidates, and you help them find their dream jobs. Let our AI screen all referrals automatically giving a faster data-driven decision.


AI Interview feature is a game-changer for staffing agencies. Our AI Bot conducts interviews 24/7, reducing your team's workload and eliminating scheduling conflicts. It's skill-agnostic and supports multiple languages, making it an invaluable tool for expanding your reach.


Intrvuz empowers staffing agencies with data-driven decision-making. Dive into comprehensive candidate screening analysis through our detailed reporting. Make placements that are not just based on qualifications but also on data-backed insights for a higher success rate. Intrvuz transforms staffing into a precise and efficient process.


Discover how Intrvuz simplifies the way you select the right candidates

Streamline Your Shortlist Process

4 Easy Steps

Intrvuz | Improved Selection Ratio- Deliver pre-screened candidates, enhancing your selection ratio.

After sourcing CV's, upload in batches & let AI identifies potential matches with precision

01 Screen CV's

Quickly shortlist candidates based on data- driven decision who meets job criteria.

02 Shortlist

Assign video interviews & let AI Bot conduct screening discussions with candidates.

03 Interview

Dive deep into overall assessment and make informed choices for sharing to companies.

04 Select

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Shortlist the right skilled resources at fast-pace and beat the competition.

Ready to take shortlisting to the next level?

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