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Your personal AI interviewer available 24/7 

Elevate Your Hiring Game

Contextually screen bulk CV's, assess aptitude and conduct interview to shortlist- in 98% less time


Transform JD creation into a streamlined process. Provide skill-based parameters, and watch as our Contextual AI generates detailed JDs. Say goodbye to hours spent crafting job descriptions, and hello to quicker, more accurate results. 


With Intrvuz, screening CVs becomes a breeze. Match CVs to job descriptions with precision, effortlessly identifying top candidates. Gone are the days of manual screening. Intrvuz's bulk screening feature saves time and effort, ensuring you never miss a match.


Candidate referral feature supercharges your recruitment efforts. Enable candidates to refer their friends, and receive profiles that align with your requirements. It's a win-win for both your team and your referrers, ensuring you access top talent.


Assess candidate aptitude effortlessly with Intrvuz's psychometric assessments. Our platform utilizes Contextual AI to analyze behavioral traits, soft skills, and aptitude. Gain valuable insights into a candidate's suitability for your team and roles.


Our AI Bot conducts interviews 24/7, freeing up your team's valuable time. It's skill-agnostic, eliminating the need for subject-matter experts, and can converse in multiple languages. Prepare to save up to 98% of billable resources and gain access to filtered, qualified candidates


Intrvuz empowers data-driven decision-making. Dive deep into candidate screening analysis with our detailed reporting. Gain insights to refine your hiring process and select the right candidates efficiently. Make choices that align with your organization's goals.


Discover how Intrvuz simplifies the way you select the right candidates

Streamline Your Selection Process

5 Easy Steps

Contextual-AI Interview Bot: Up to 98% man-hours saving, 24/7 availability, Multi-lingual, skill-agnostic & bias-free.

Input few parameters and instantly generate comprehensive JDs tailored to your needs

01 Create JD

Upload JD and CVs in batches & let AI identifies potential matches with precision

02 Screen CV's

Quickly shortlist candidates based on data- driven decision who meets job criteria.

03 Shortlist

Assign video interviews & let AI Bot conduct first-level discussions with candidates.

04 Interview

Dive deep into interview results and make informed choices for advancing candidates to the next round.

05 Select

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Build the right skilled team at fast-pace and beat the competition.

Ready to take hiring to the next level?

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