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Dream Job With AI Hire

Modernize and optimize your campus placements, ensuring that your students are well-prepared for successful careers

Intrvuz ! Campus Placement

Contextually screen CV to assess fitment for a job and prepare for the interview


Intrvuz | Job Application | CV Screening

Screen your CVs to assess fitment for a job descriptions with precision and refine to tailor it. 


Apply to multiple jobs from single interface and get transparent insights into CV screening results.


Our AI Bot conducts contextual audio interviews 24/7 to help you prepare for your dream job. It's skill-agnostic and can converse in multiple languages. 


Refer a colleague for the job and help them to get their dream jobs. Het rewards for every referrals.


Intrvuz | Interview Preparation

Ace interviews with our Contextual-AI interview bot. Get insights, tips, and practice to boost your confidence.

Interview Prep

Receive feedback on your interview performance and track your progress to continually improve your interview skills

Feedback and Improvement

Hire supports interviews in multiple languages, ensuring you can apply for positions worldwide

Multilingual Capability

Screen your CV's before applying for dream job and get insights into fitment. Tailor it to job requirements

CV Screening

Unlock Your Full Potential

Watery Background

Elevate your game!

Ready to get your dream job?

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