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Your Placement AI Assistant

Modernize and optimize your campus placements, ensuring that your students are well-prepared for successful careers

Intrvuz | Contextual interview bot per job requirements and candidate skills
Intrvuz | automated solution which is transparent and helps students to assess their skills

Efficient screening of candidates for campus placements, ensuring that you present the best talent to hiring companies

Efficient Screening

Prepare your students for job interviews with our AI-powered interview practice, feedback, and insights, boosting their confidence and success rates.

Career Preparation

Identify areas for improvement and provide skill development opportunities for your students based on data-driven insights.

Skill Enhancement

Build stronger connections with hiring companies by offering them access to a pool of well-prepared, high-quality candidates.

Industry Connections

Help your students make informed career choices by matching their skills and aspirations with industry demands

Career Guidance

Enable your students to create impressive CVs that showcase their skills and experiences effectively

Enhanced CVs

Assess your students' aptitude and soft skills to guide them toward suitable career paths

Psychometric Assessments

Leverage in-depth data analysis to make informed decisions about curriculum adjustments and industry partnerships.

Data-Driven Decisions

Efficient Student Placements

Watery Background

Empower the students to get their dream job!

Ready to take placements to the next level?

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